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Samaresh Routray: Versatile actor and renowned media consultant, his initiative to improve promotional activities in odia industry

In this age of modernity, computer and technology has become synonymous to life. Computer, gadgets, internet, youtube, tweeter are consuming our time – both at profession and at leisure. Then obviously what can be this age called?  A new age! Well, it can be. Because there was a time, when, be it Hollywood celebrity or the president of a country or even our own prime minister was like an alien to us. But now, one can follow all of them and even throw some angst to the PM in tweeter.

While politicians to film stars, celebrities to icons, everyone is using this “new age medium” for flamboyance and glamour.

But one of the actors of Ollywood thinks differently. Of course he has his own website dedicated to his fans, but he has started something different that is meant for the improvement of the whole Odia film industry.

The bad man of Ollywood, popularly known as Samaresh, is an actor of substance and versatility. He is one of the few actors to have passed out from the prestigious National School of Drama. He has every bit of quality, ambition and dream to be in Bollywood but his deep emotion, love and attachment for his soil brought him back to Odisha. And now, Odisha is the witness to his acting talents. But Samaresh thinks beyond acting. He thinks and dreams to make odia movie industry popular in the state just like the movies of the south and other. He had one of the finest ideas to make use of the new web media to promote and popularise odia movies, its actors and every little thing related to Ollywood.

It is from this idea that Odiaone.com took birth. Odiaone is an unique web portal in Odisha under which film producers across the state can promote their films; actors, actresses, directors, cameramen, sound designers etc can promote themselves; all film lovers and fans can browse through the portal and squeeze entertainment and information as much as they can. They can read news about and interviews of their favourite actors-actresses and enjoy the large photo and video galleries available. Odiaone links audience to the odia movie makers. Cine artists can be in direct touch with their fans. Actors and- actresses can figure the image they hold in the eyes of their fans and the audience. Film makers, also, can read the pulse of the audience and map their wants.

Seems alluring, isn’t it!  Yes, and all this has become possible for the giant leap taken by Samaresh. He makes odiaone a one stop destination for odia cinema. Now, the portal is getting more than thousands of visits every day along with uncountable discussions and arguments posted by the readers. Isn’t that inspiring!

“Once I was trying to search an odia actor’s photograph in the internet, but to my dismay,I couldn’t find any. Even images of a struggling actor of the South can be well traced in the web. But odia actors are still in the mist in the web world. This incident had worried me and had put me in deep thinking. And at the end, odiaone took birth”, Samaresh said when asked that what made him build Odiaone.

It goes unsaid that Samaresh has given all his blood to make Odia one stand firm and reach people. His initiative has surely made Odiya film industry more known to all of us. While many other big shots make merry, Samaresh deserves a million handshakes for thinking large about his own motherland and its own films.


Written by Gurujee Swetachandan