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Indestructible love story of Deepan – ‘Amara Prema’

Love has a magnetic charm for everyone. Everybody wants to fall in love and taste how it feels at least once in life. For some, it is not easy and for some others it is as easy as touching your head. But the challenge is to get successful in love. There comes difficulties of lifetime in the path of love and there are many examples of true but unsuccessful love stories which are written in histories. Such a kind of epic love story is the love in which Deepan has fallen. He feels his love has the strength of bypass the ravages of time. He is ready to go to any extent to prove this strength of his love and feels his story will become immortal one day. Though it is not Deepan’s personal life we are talking about but his next movie ‘Amara Prema’.
Deepan is going to play the lead role in the movie while her love interest in the movie is Bengali actress Mousami. ‘Amara Prema’ is being made under the banner of DJ Entertainment and is produced by Dillip Bhatt. The movie is currently in its pre-production stage. ‘Amara Prema’s story is written by Dr. Rajani Ranjan who himself writing the screenplay and dialogues of the movie now. Prasant Padhi is currently in the process of composing the music of the film. The shooting will commence from first week of June after the scripting and music work is over. It will be made under the direction of ‘Aaeen Kanoon’s director S. Shankar. ‘Amara Prema’ will be his second movie in industry. Its other casts will be Nikita and Payal including Deepan and Mousami in the lead.